Unpacking the Problem:  Quality Issues with Tiffin Boxes Imports

Based in the United States, this importer and buying agency focuses on importing a variety of stainless steel kitchenware and household goods. Their diverse selection includes bento boxes, lunch boxes, and other stainless steel products primarily from India. Despite some quality issues in 2023, their current aim is to improve their offerings and deliver premium stainless steel goods for households. This objective is especially significant as they cannot afford to have any further lapses in their quality control going forward.
Once their inquiry was posted, seven offers from aracuda.com for inspection services were received. An inspector was selected and sent to the factory site in Jodhpur, Rajasthan-India to conduct thorough inspections on all of their products. On the first day, a 20% sample of food products was examined and certain concerns were noted regarding items that did not meet the required classifications. Further investigation uncovered several quality issues with the inspected goods, including both major and minor problems. One issue of note was that the supplier did not have enough manpower to repack the goods as needed.

In addition to performing a piece-by-piece inspection of 315 samples, the inspector also provided a listing service and customized inspection service to assure the client of the highest quality of their products. Our team advised the supplier to improve communication with their workers in order to prevent further quality issues and greater losses for the supplier and the client.

After inspecting 3000 pieces in four days, the QC PRO of Aracuda found that 94.83% of the items passed the quality check. However, 158 items were found to have minor or major defects.

The cost of the inspection was 450 USD and quality issues were resolved immediately.

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