Processed Food and Produce


A wide range of food items, including basic staples like bread and cheese as well as pre-made meals, fall under the category of “processed food.” With an increasing desire for diverse options among consumers, the selection of processed foods continuously expands. As a result, there is a need for additional manufacturing techniques and more advanced quality control measures to uphold the integrity and safety of each ingredient throughout every stage of processing. This also ensures that finished products are appropriately packaged and stored to maintain their safety standards.
Our specialized food inspectors are experienced in conducting quality and safety checks on a wide range of processed food items. This includes various categories such as bread, bakery products, flour and baking mixes, breakfast cereals, pasta, dry goods, cheese, yoghurt, butter, dairy snacks meat and poultry products (including sausages and hotdogs), fish and seafood products in different forms (prepared, smoked, dried or salted), ready meals like instant food or microwave dinners as well as frozen food options. They also ensure the quality of baby food and infant formula along with tinned fruit or vegetables including beans pickles jams preserves soups canned meat fish sauces spices oil condiments sweeteners etc.
Aracuda freelancers offer comprehensive product inspections for your produce, ensuring an accurate assessment of the condition of your goods throughout the entire process. Prior to shipment, they will assess the quality of your produce, and upon arrival at your destination, they will conduct another inspection. Our inspectors and agencies specialize in inspections tailored to various types of produce including berries (blueberries, blackberries, cherries), tropical fruits (mangos, pineapples, asparagus, kiwi), traditional fruits (apples, pears, avocados, grapes lemons oranges clementine) as well as other fruits and vegetables such as lettuce tomatoes chilies beans corn nuts grains cereals.
Fresh produce is a sensitive product category that requires fast shipping and proper storage. Any delay in your supply chain or a disruption in your storage conditions can seriously impair your product’s quality. Fresh produce suppliers should inspect the condition of their inventory upon departure from the farm or packaging facility as well as when it reaches the destination.

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