Marine and Aircraft


The marine surveyor inspects all types of vessels, including commercial ships, cargo ships, passenger ships, barges, tugboats, warships, ferries, pleasure yachts under 20 meters, and tankers over 200 meters. As part of the pre-purchase evaluation, insurance claims resolution, regulation compliance, and marking insurance eligibility, they also inspect marine cargo and facilities like drydocks, canals, docks, and oil rigs.
Inspections of aircraft can range from simple pre-flight checks (brakes, undercarriage, flaps, fuel pumps, lights) to thorough examinations involving disassembling engines (checks A, B, C and D, for example). Before you commit to a purchase or a full inspection, start by asking for a set of photographs to give you a clear picture of the general condition. For a few dollars, we might have someone close to you who is willing to check it out on your behalf. As marine vessel or aircraft inspections can be very complex and costly, you can decide whether it is even worth going more in-depth.

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