Consumer Goods


Inspections of consumer goods are performed by third-party service providers (also called third-party inspections or TPIs) to ensure that your purchases are conforming and complying with production specifications. It is possible for buyers to specify any on-site testing or specifications they wish to specify, such as artisanship, measurements, labeling, packaging specifications, expiration dates, etc.
ARACUDA houses reputable quality control companies and freelance inspectors, offering their expertise in evaluating a diverse array of consumer products. This includes various items such as clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, fabrics, toys, gifts, cookware, electronics, electrical equipment, and even medical devices. These inspection professionals or independent freelancers will employ sampling levels and the Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) based on ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 standards by default for larger quantities unless specific instructions are provided by the customer.

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