Oil and Gas


The oil and gas industry can be divided into three main components – upstream, midstream, and downstream. These sectors represent the chronological order of important activities within the value chain of oil and gas. Additionally, they correspond to three major categories of activities that are associated with production:




In the upstream sector, exploration and production activities, or E&P, are categorized as either exploration activities or production activities. Exploration activities include geologic and geophysical operations aimed at surveying a particular land area or a portion of the seabed and determining the possibility of locating economically viable underground oil and gas deposits. Obtaining leases and permissions from relevant parties, such as the government or landowners, is another relevant activity. Alternatively, production activities involve developing oil or gas reserves into productive oil or gas fields, as well as recovering or extracting those reserves. Project closure activities begin once all reserves have been effectively extracted. These activities include drilling, infrastructure engineering, and construction projects. The activities include plugging and abandoning of fields and wells, as well as reassessing the project.


The midstream industry is responsible for the transportation of oil and gas products from production sites or fields to consumers, acting as a vital link between upstream and downstream sectors. Various modes of transportation are employed, including pipeline networks, railroads, trucks, barges, and tankers. As a result, notable players in the midstream sector include companies involved in pipeline transport, trucking and hauling services, as well as shipping operations.






All downstream activities, such as refining crude oil and processing and purifying natural gas, as well as the sale and distribution of oil and gas products like jet fuel, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and liquefied natural gas, are included in the downstream sector.

In between the time fossil fuel and gas rise to the surface, and the time we fill up our tanks, over 2000 inspections have taken place!

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