India has a 7500km coastline with 12 major and around 200 non-major ports where sea traffic has increased significantly in the last few years. It is also known for its vast coastline. A large portion of India’s exports are coal, refined petroleum, mineral fuels, automobiles, organic chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. India’s shipping scene is also enormous because it exports a lot of container goods.
Ship and marine vetting services ensure that third-party vessels or barges comply with all relevant regulations and are safe for their intended purpose. You need to be careful when using third-party vessels or barges, whether you’re a charterer, shipper, or terminal depot. You also need to ensure compliance with stringent legislation.


Third-party inspectors (TPI)

Third-party inspectors (TPI) are also responsible for conducting marine vessel inspections, serving various purposes. These include assessing the integrity of drilling rigs, electrical equipment, and overall ship condition to determine seaworthiness. This evaluation is crucial for marine registers like Bureau Veritas, Lloyds, or the American Bureau of Shipping as well as for legal proceedings or insurance matters. Inspections are conducted prior to delivery, throughout a vessel’s lifespan, or in aftermath incidents causing damages in order to minimize risk and prevent further complications.

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