Pre-Shipment (PSI)


Pre-shipment inspection plays a crucial role in supply chain management, helping to maintain quality control along the entire journey. By validating product quality before shipment, it can decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction with delivery. Moreover, it can help companies identify any problems without delay and take corrective action if needed. Pre-shipment inspection is an invaluable asset for ensuring quality control in the management of the supply chain, allowing for a successful logistics plan while reducing the risk of lost profits due to defective goods or unsatisfactory processes.
Whether at the manufacturer’s premises, along the supply chain, at a logistics company’s premises, or at a port, PSI ensures that production meets the governing specification, contract, or purchase order. Generally, a PSI inspection often involves checking a product’s quantity and quality before it is shipped out of its country of origin. Anyone interested in obtaining a detailed inspection report before goods are shipped can request this type of inspection. The time allows for the corrective actions to be taken if the goods are not in compliance with specifications.
PSIs may also be required by certain governments as part of their compliance inspection program; in such cases, importers are required to undergo a pre-import inspection to verify conformity, which usually results in a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), or a Non-Conformance Report (NCR). Consignment Based Conformity Assessments (CBCAs) are also sometimes called these types of inspections.

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