Pre-Production (PPI)


Pre-production inspections are conducted by importers before production begins. Their primary purpose is to make sure that a factory is ready to start production. In order to ensure that the factory’s raw materials, accessories, and components match specifications, the third-party inspector may inspect the factory’s production line, equipment, and facilities. If your current supplier has had problems maintaining raw material quality, or if your new supplier is unable to meet critical delivery dates, you may want to consider pre-production inspections.
If your project is a large contract with critical delivery dates, a PPI could be beneficial when working with a new supplier. It is also very important in any case where you suspect the supplier has attempted to cut costs by substituting cheaper materials or components prior to production. Additionally, this inspection can help you and your supplier avoid communication problems regarding delivery dates, quality expectations, and others.
In addition to being able to see the production schedule clearly, you’ll also be able to anticipate potential problems that could negatively impact product quality. By performing an initial production inspection, you can avoid uncertainties about the entire production process and identify defects in raw materials or components before production begins.

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