Unveiling India’s Thriving Industries: A Closer Look at the Need for Inspection Services

Inspection Services

From manufacturing to technology, India’s thriving sectors have been instrumental in driving economic growth and creating countless job opportunities. However, behind this impressive success lies an essential element that often goes unnoticed: inspection services. In this blog, we delve deeper into India’s flourishing industries and explore why inspection services play a crucial role in ensuring […]

Inspection as a Service (IAAS)- ARACUDA India’s first Inspection Marketplace

India’s first Inspection Marketplace

Inspections-as-a-Service (IaaS), a revolutionized way of conducting business inspections. Are you in the quality inspection industry, tirelessly seeking that perfect match to streamline your operations and boost your business? ARACUDA India’s first AI-enhanced IAAS platform is specifically designed for quality inspection agencies and inspectors. Aracuda provides you with access to an online platform that revolutionizes […]

Building a Greener Tomorrow: The Importance of Supporting Local Inspectors

Plant Blog

With global warming and carbon footprint issues taking centre stage, it’s crucial for industries across the board to assess their impact on our planet. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the TIC market, its key players, and what lies ahead for this industry. The TIC market, encompassing Testing, Inspection, and Certification services, […]

A Closer Look at Fabric Defects: 7 Types to Look Out For During Inspection

During Inspection

Is your customer complaining about their newly purchased jacket or pants? Are you wondering if the complaints are related to the fabric quality, the most important material in your garment? It is estimated that around 20% of garment defects are caused by fabric defects, which highlights the importance of assessing fabric quality before production. By […]