Handicrafts imports Inspection India

Mr. Ali, an experienced importer based in the UAE, was on the lookout for unique handicraft items to add to his collection. He had heard about the exquisite craftsmanship of Jaipur, India and decided it was time to expand his business by importing these beautiful pieces.

After browsing through various online portals, Mr. Ali came across a supplier who seemed to have exactly what he was looking for. However, being a seasoned businessman, Mr. Ali knew it was important to ensure the quality of the products before making any deals. He contacted the supplier and expressed his interest in purchasing their handicraft items.
Before proceeding ahead, he visited our website aracuda.com India’s only marketplace for Quality inspections, to find a freelance Quality Inspector to check the quality and dimensions of the products before proceeding with the order. Within 5 hours of posting his request on aracuda.com, Mr. Ali received 8 offers from different quality control inspectors in India.

Impressed by such prompt responses, Mr. Ali quickly went through each offer and finally selected one that seemed most suitable for his needs. On the confirmed date, the Inspector reached the supplier’s warehouse in Jaipur for carrying out thorough quality tests on each product. From checking for any defects or damages to measuring dimensions accurately, no stone was left unturned. Unfortunately, during this process, they discovered some issues with both size variations and packaging materials used by the supplier. Disappointed but determined not to compromise on quality, Mr. Ali immediately contacted the supplier and negotiated with them regarding these concerns. They agreed to rectify all issues pointed out by the inspector so that there would be no further hindrance in their business partnership with Mr.Ali.
Feeling satisfied with this outcome and grateful for our company’s diligent efforts in making sure his business runs smoothly, Mr. Ali re-hired our inspector for another crucial task – to supervise the loading of these handicraft items into the container. Our QC Pro ensured that the products were safely and securely loaded in the container, using proper packaging materials and accurately measuring the dimensions before sealing it shut.

Mr. Ali paid 300 USD for this inspection and quality check, and Mr. Ali successfully imported high-quality handicraft items from Jaipur worth 50000 USD and built a strong business relationship with his supplier. From then on, Mr. Ali became one of our most loyal clients, recommending us to other importers in need of similar services. This experience taught him an important lesson – when it comes to importing goods from foreign countries, never compromise on quality assurance. And we couldn’t agree more!

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